The Way of Saint James: Journey to America

The Way of Saint James: Journey to America, is the story about a family with origins in Spain and its journey to America, including the United States of America and Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (The United Mexican States). The story focuses on the lives of two men, Mihail Gurevich and Baltazar de la Vega. Their families’ background, history and the lives they led in Europe under conditions that motivated both men to emigrate to America to seek a better life are told.

Both men departed when they were young and overcame several obstacles with a determined resolve to achieve a life in which they could live in freedom and prosper with hard work and dedication to family. Both individuals were products of not only their place of birth but also the societies in which they lived. Both left what could have been a life not confronted by danger and the unknown. Both chose to venture forth accepting whatever challenges and risks life may present them.

Their journeys occurred against the larger history of Europe in which they lived. Their journey was similar to the mystical El Camino Santiago, the Way of Saint James, which served as a metaphor of their quest.